Korra Week: Day 2 – Fierce
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It’s 11:11 and I wish for korra x happiness endgame

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i ’ m  h e r e  f o r  y o u

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"I need an adult, I need an adult!!"

me after finding out book 4 comes out in Oct 3rd.

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I don’t feel dead anymore
And I’m not afraid anymore 

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i tried getting my sister to watch the book 3 finale and

  • me: you need to watch the book 3 finale. it's awesome.
  • sister: okay
  • me: p'li gets her head blown off
  • sister: okay
  • me: korra gets poisoned with large doses of mercury
  • sister: okay
  • me: jinora gets her airbending tattoos
  • sister: okay
  • sister: *leaves*
  • me: *resists the urge to strap her to a chair and make her watch it*